Tailor accessories

for purses, belts, and shoes

Cloth, shoes, and saddlery accessories are a specific type of metal haberdashery which can be used in both, textile production and leather manufacturing, for purses, belts, and leather goods. Trouser hooks and buckles used as trouser or skirt fastening are indicated in particular as cloth fittings. In addition, trouser buckles and overall buckles used for fastening overalls and dresses. Saddlery accessories are metal rings, d-rings, and two-piece rivets used in the manufacture of purses, belts, or shoes. In addition, various buckles, braces, snap-hooks, and briefcase.

KOH-I-NOOR accessories – what we offer to you?

  • Tailor accessories – trouser and skirt hooks are attached by sewing on the fabric.
  • Saddlery accessories – saddlery rings and D-rings are used in the manufacturing of purses, bags, knapsacks, and other products.

Who are the products of tailor and saddlery accessories designed for?

Tailor and saddlery accessories from KOH-I-NOOR are designed for producers who may collect our goods from the sales warehouse located within the KOH-I-NOOR company premises in Prague 10.

KOH-I-NOOR – metal textile haberdashery producer – supplies products of tailor and saddlery accessories to small consumers and producers. Wholesale partners may purchase our goods directly from the sales warehouse located within the complex of our company.

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