high-quality and durable

The small aid no tailor can do without. Our offer includes various pin types – traditional straight pins will serve you well for so-called pinning on of clothes, for easier handling, you may also select straight pins with glass or plastic heads. We also offer safety pins.

Pins - a wide selection of goods

  • Straight pins – they simply connect two pieces of fabric together
  • Safety pins – with a safety pin, you may easily fasten a ribbon on the lapel for example
  • Children safety pins – you can easily fasten a dummy without any risk

Who are Koh-i-noor pins designed for?

KOH-I-NOOR – a manufacturer of metal textile haberdashery – manufactures and supplies all pins in packages designed for retail sales and also in larger packages suitable for wholesale and producers.  The retail package includes handling symbols. Wholesale partners may purchase our goods directly from the sales warehouse located on the company premises. End consumers may purchase at our retail outlets.