Snap Fasteners

highest quality buttons

Although snap fasteners have more than a hundred-year tradition in our country, their appearance has remained virtually unchanged. Famous “press studs” or studs carry out their function to perfection – holding really well and fastening up a variety of materials. We supply KOH-I-NOOR snap fasteners in a variety of surface finishings. The most frequent are from nickel, black nickel, brass, copper, old-brass, old-copper, nickel antique, zinc, or various shades of colour lacquer.

Snap fasteners – what type to choose?

  • Buttons for sewing “press studs " – they consist of two parts and are attached by sewing to the fabric.
  • Riveting buttons “studs” – they comprise 4 parts and are attached by riveting using manual riveting tools or presses.
  • Special application – they comprise several parts according to the use and are attached using various riveting tools of presses.

How do snap fasteners work?

The snap fastener comprises several parts. Famous “press studs” can also be found in the KOH-I-NOOR logo comprising two parts; other buttons from two to four parts that engage into each other and form a close coupling by clicking together. To be able to connect two pieces of fabric or other materials, you must attach the corresponding part of the snap fastener on each part. Some snap fasteners – press studs can be sewn on the fabric, however the so-called rivets or riveting buttons are attached using riveting tools and/or a manual or pneumatic press.

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Who are KOH-I-NOOR snap fasteners designed for?

KOH-I-NOOR – a manufacturer of metal textile haberdashery – manufactures and supplies snap fasteners in packages designed for retail sales and also in larger packages suitable for the wholesale and producers.  The retail package includes handling symbols. Wholesale partners may purchase our goods directly from the wholesale warehouse located within the company premises. End consumers may purchase at our retail outlets.