Metal haberdashery

quality products for sewing

Mostly you don’t notice it at first, however if you examine any piece of your wardrobe in detail, you will discover it. Metal haberdashery represents a discrete help in fastening a swimsuit, underwear, trousers, skirts, and many other clothes and products. Our offer includes a large number of products you may use primarily for sewing clothes.

Metal haberdashery - a wide selection of goods

  • Hooks and eyes – discrete fastening suitable for fine fabrics and underwear
  • Hooks – elegant braces for hidden fastening of pants and skirts
  • Brace accessories – brace buckles, clips and brace fittings - all for suspenders or braces
  • Small metal goods – bikini clasps, suspenders with ribbons or hair pins, tie fittings, split pins
  • Thimbles – metal thimbles protecting your hands when sewing
  • Eyelets with washers – eyelets for cords and elastics in any material

Who are metal haberdashery products designed for?

KOH-I-NOOR – a manufacturer of metal textile haberdashery – manufactures and supplies products metal haberdashery  in packages designed for retail sales and also in larger packages suitable for wholesale and producers. The retail package includes handling symbols, an operating guide, as well as tools and aids necessary for product application. Wholesale partners may purchase our goods directly from the wholesale warehouse located within our company premises. End consumers may purchase at our retail outlets.

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