Fasteners - zippers

zippers of all types and colours

The cloths may be fastened not only with buttons, hence zip fasteners or zippers form an essential part of our selection. Not only can you choose from zippers in a variety of materials and colours, but also from special zippers such as water resistant tippers, fireproof zippers with a safety opening system, or interchangeable zippers which can be attached to any other left or right side of an identical type zipper after unfastening. We also offer wide selection of zipper pendants or popular Velcro fasteners – hooks and loops.

Metal haberdashery – wide selection of goods

  • Metal fasteners - brass  – Metal zippers are strong and brass teeth will last in any environment.
  • Plastic fasteners – We also produce a fireproof version of plastic zippers with a safety opening system. For mattress producers in interchangeable version.
  • Spiral fasteners – we also offer water resistant, mattress-type, interchangeable, or hidden spiral zippers.
  • Fasteners – pendants – Circular, angular, leather, and plastic. We also supply zippers with a logo on a pendant.
  • Hooks and Loops – Velcro fasteners – Velcro fasteners – we also offer self-adhesive, elastic Velcro fasteners, or with reduced flammability.

Zipper selection: What is important? Sliders and pendants

When selecting a zipper, take particular care considering what it is required for. Ribbon material and zipper teeth are important, however the slider you choose is also important. At KOH-I-NOOR, you may select decorative zip fasteners of various shapes, but also double-sided sliders. The zipper can be made in any length with different variants of opening.


Who are KOH-I-NOOR zip fasteners (zippers) designed for?

KOH-I-NOOR zippers are designed for both, retail sales and wholesale. Wholesale partners may visit our wholesale outlet at our company premises. End consumers may purchase at our specialized outlets.

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