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Snap Fasteners

Although snap fasteners have more than a hundred-year tradition in our country, their appearance has remained virtually unchanged. Famous “press studs” or studs carry out their function to perfection – holding really well and fastening up a variety of materials. We supply KOH-I-NOOR snap fasteners in a variety of surface finishings. The most frequent are from nickel, black nickel, brass, copper, old-brass, old-copper, nickel antique, zinc, or various shades of colour lacquer.


Přišívací knoflíky stiskací - patentky

Sew-on snap buttons - Fasteners

Sew-on snap buttons are familiar fasteners – simply sew each piece onto the fabric and then easily snap them together. They are most commonly used to fasten various parts of garments and home accessories. Thanks to a wide range of sizes, they are suitable for joining fabrics of differing strengths. We manufacture this classic type of fastener in two main material variants: brass KIN and plastic MIA. You can choose from a variety of surface finishes. The products are guaranteed to be rust-resistant.

Nýtovací knoflíky stiskací - druky

Rivet press studs - Fasteners

Rivet press studs are commonly known as rivet fasteners. They provide a highly reliable connection for joining multiple parts, which are affixed (riveted) onto the material using manual or pneumatic presses. In some cases, it's necessary to punch holes in the fabric or material before attaching the rivet (riveting). If using a pneumatic press for riveting, hole punching isn't always required. Rivet press studs (rivets) are primarily made from brass, making them suitable for everyday laundered clothing. Steel rivet fasteners are used for products made from leather, faux leather, or cardboard.

You can choose rivet press studs in various surface finishes and sizes. Upon customer request, they can be provided with company logos or engravings based on client specifications.

Rivet press studs (rivets) are used to connect fabrics of different strengths, terry cloth, knits, leather, or canvas. They can also be used to connect fabric with sturdy materials like wood, cardboard, or plastic, or to join more than 2 pieces of material in one place. Waterproof WUK fasteners are excellent for protective workwear for water utility workers, soldiers, or police officers. They are particularly suitable for products made from waterproof materials, such as GORE-TEX. For detailed information on rivet press studs, please refer to our online catalog.

Speciální aplikace

Special Applications

Classic press studs and fasteners have a wide range of uses. However, for certain types of products, we have developed special snap-on applications that make fastening easier for you. These snap-on applications can be particularly useful in the fields of leather goods, footwear, saddlery, stationery, and clothing industries.
We manufacture various sizes of special applications from different materials. You can also choose from various surface finishes. All variations and detailed information regarding the sizes of applications and the packaging options available for purchase can be found in our online catalog.

Jak fungují stiskací knoflíky?

How do press studs work?

A press stud consists of several parts. The famous "snap fasteners," which you can also find in the logo of the company KOH-I-NOOR, consist of two parts, while others can have two to four parts that interlock with each other. When these parts are snapped together, a connection of varying strength is formed. To join two pieces of fabric or other materials together, it's necessary to attach the corresponding part of the press stud to each piece. Some press studs, like "snap fasteners," can be easily sewn onto the fabric. On the other hand, rivet fasteners, also known as "rivets," are attached using riveting tools and manual or pneumatic presses.

Pro koho jsou určeny knoflíky stiskací od KOH-I-NOORu?

Who are KOH-I-NOOR's press studs designed for?

KOH-I-NOOR, a manufacturer of metal textile accessories, produces and supplies press studs both in retail packaging and in larger packaging suitable for wholesale distribution and manufacturers. Retail packaging includes care symbols. Wholesale partners can obtain our products directly from the wholesale warehouse located within our company premises. End consumers can make purchases at our retail outlets.

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You can shop in person at the warehouse located on the KOH-I-NOOR premises, or you can register on the website www.waldes.cz and after confirming it, you can shop online. After logging in to the wholesale portal, customers buy at wholesale prices.



You can shop in person at the warehouse located on the KOH-I-NOOR premises, or you can register on the website www.waldes.cz and after confirming it, you can shop online. After logging in to the wholesale portal, customers buy at wholesale prices.

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