Presses and tools

high quality riveting

You need presses and tools in particular for applying riveting snap fasteners, jeans buttons, trouser rivets, and other products that cannot be simply sewn on the fabric. According to the material uses, in some cases it is also necessary to firstly penetrate the material. Not only manual or pneumatic presses are used for this purpose, but also a wide selection of tools and punching tools The tools must be selected depending on what button or product type you need to attach to the material.

What kind of presses and tools do we have? See the online catalogue

  • Pneumatic press – pneumatic press has an adjustable stop block, foot trigger, and safety system. It enables using of all types of tools supplied by us, and is thus applicable to the complete series of our products
  • Hand press – we supply manual presses in two sizes S3 and S5. We supply hand presses in two sizes. The smaller S3 size may be used for certain products only.  The larger S5 size subsequently enables all types of tools supplied by us to be used, and is thus applicable to the complete series of our products
  • Tools – select tools according to the product type you need to attach using the press

Who are the presses and tools designed for?

KOH-I-NOOR, a manufacturer of metal textile haberdashery, supplies also presses and tools to attach riveting buttons or other cloth parts.  Presses and tools (riveting tools) are designed for manufacturers of textile and clothing products, tailor shops, cloth repair shops and handymen.  There is a warehouse sale at the Koh-i-noor complex, where you may purchase required presses and pistons from.

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