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The small aid no tailor can do without. Our offer includes various pin types – traditional straight pins will serve you well for so-called pinning on of clothes, for easier handling, you may also select straight pins with glass or plastic heads. We also offer safety pins.

Špendlíky napichovací

Straight Pins

Utilizing straight pins, also known as pushpins, remains an essential practice for achieving precise sewing, a tradition that resonates even with large-scale clothing enterprises. Our collection features classic steel, hardened steel, or brass straight pins, as well as straight pins with glass or plastic heads. The applications for these versatile straight pins extend beyond sewing, encompassing activities like wreath-making, enhancing window displays, or crafting cherished patchwork designs.

Particularly, brass straight pins excel in domestic crafts such as crocheting and lacework. With our brass straight pins, we guarantee a rust-free longevity of 100%. Meanwhile, hardened steel straight pins are tailor-made for textile production, boasting their slim profile that leaves minimal marks upon insertion. The inclusion of glass-headed straight pins provides invaluable assistance to tailors, thanks to their visibility and the convenience of ironing over them when necessary. On the other hand, it's important to remove straight pins with plastic heads before ironing.

Our selection of straight pins encompasses various surface finishes, predominantly nickel and black enamel, along with the sleek polish of brass. The diverse range caters to different lengths and thicknesses, accommodating even straight pins with distinctively sized heads. Opting for glass-headed straight pins allows you to select a packaging mix comprising a vivid spectrum of colours, or alternatively, an assortment of yellow or white. As for plastic-headed straight pins, they come in multiple head finishes, including pearl, natural gloss, or neon, packaged in a blend of captivating hues. For comprehensive details, consult our online catalog.

Špendlíky spínací

Safety Pins

When the term "safety pin" is mentioned, it's likely that the more familiar labels like "clothespin" or "fastening pin" come to mind. But regardless of what you call them, at KOH-I-NOOR, we provide a wide array of safety pins in various shapes and sizes. Within our product range, you'll also find child-safe safety pins with protective sheaths and a safety opening mechanism. These can even be customized with printed designs. This mechanism ensures that the pin's needle remains securely fastened to prevent unintended openings, making them particularly suitable for children, athletes, or seniors.

Our Goldin safety pins are expertly crafted from brass, guaranteeing their resistance to rust. These pins are especially well-suited for long-term use on garments, and they're ideal for securing brooches and other accessories to clothing or textiles in the home. The Duplex stainless steel safety pin is designed for applications in environments with elevated chemical exposure. For instance, it's employed to secure clothing or components during processes such as dry cleaning. Specifically bent safety pins are indispensable for patchwork enthusiasts and also serve as a reliable means of securing bandages and scarves.

While it might seem that a safety pin is a single type of item, that's not the case. Within our selection, you can choose from numerous sizes, surface finishes (have you ever considered coloured safety pins?), and even various shapes of clamping safety pins – including specially bent variants and stainless steel options. For in-depth information, refer to our online catalog.

Pro koho jsou určeny špendlíky od KOH-I-NOORu?

Who are KOH-I-NOOR' pins intended for?

KOH-I-NOOR, a manufacturer of metallic textile accessories, produces and supplies a comprehensive range of pins. These pins are available both in retail-ready packaging and in larger quantities suitable for wholesale distribution and manufacturers. Retail packaging includes care symbols for easy reference. Wholesale partners have the convenience of direct sourcing from our wholesale stock within our company premises. End consumers can make their purchases at our retail outlets.

Our assortment covers a spectrum of pins, catering to various needs within the realm of textile accessories. From safety pins to fastening pins, our offerings address diverse preferences and applications. Retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers alike can find the pins they require for their projects and products. This collection includes various sizes, finishes, and types of pins, ensuring a wide choice for anyone in search of top-quality textile accessories.

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You can shop in person at the warehouse located on the KOH-I-NOOR premises, or you can register on the website www.waldes.cz and after confirming it, you can shop online. After logging in to the wholesale portal, customers buy at wholesale prices.



You can shop in person at the warehouse located on the KOH-I-NOOR premises, or you can register on the website www.waldes.cz and after confirming it, you can shop online. After logging in to the wholesale portal, customers buy at wholesale prices.

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