Textile haberdashery

Metal haberdashery

Mostly you don’t notice it at first, however if you examine any piece of your wardrobe in detail, you will discover it. Metal haberdashery represents a discrete help in fastening a swimsuit, underwear, trousers, skirts, and many other clothes and products. Our offer includes a large number of products you may use primarily for sewing clothes.


Háčky a očka

Hooks and Eyes

Hooks and eyes are sewn onto two pieces of fabric, which are then discreetly yet securely fastened due to the subtle nature of the closure. Hooks and eyes find wide application, particularly in the clothing industry for fastening women's undergarments. The most common surface finishes for hooks and eyes include nickel, black enamel, zinc, or colored enamel.

We offer 6 different size variations.



Skirt & Trouser Buckles and Hooks

Fastening skirts and trousers doesn't have to rely solely on buttons or press studs; it can also be discreetly positioned on the inner side of the garment. These are trouser or skirt fasteners, consisting of four parts. They provide a highly reliable connection for joining multiple parts, which are affixed (riveted) onto the material using manual or pneumatic presses. These steel or brass fasteners hold securely while remaining unseen from the outside. Brass fasteners are suitable for use on regularly laundered items, while steel ones are intended for clothing that undergoes chemical cleaning.

We offer various variations of fasteners and hooks, differing in the materials used or the method of attachment to the fabric. Detailed information about sizes and available packaging can be found in the online catalog.

Šlové součásti

Brace Accessories

We offer a complete range of metal brace accessories. Our selection includes not only brace buckles but also brace hooks and triangles, used to connect brace elastics. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of design options for brace buckles, and all brace accessories are available in different sizes to perfectly match your desired brace width.

Our collection caters to your needs! We provide various sizes of hooks for different brace widths, wide buckles, or circular buckles, along with diverse buckle shapes for adjusting brace length. For detailed information regarding sizes, materials, or available packaging, please consult our online catalog.

Drobné kovové výrobky

Small Metal Goods

We can seamlessly complement your garment production with our range of small metal goods. We offer even the tiniest essentials, such as garter clips, swimsuit fasteners, tie fasteners, or hairpins. Easily add hanging price tags to your items using our split pin hangers. With our extensive assortment of metal accessories, we're the perfect partner for clothing and fashion accessory manufacturers.

Whether it's attaching bow ties and neckties, fastening women's swimsuits or garters, or using metal hairpins – you'll find detailed information about all our small metal goods in our online catalog.



Even in the present day, there are many tasks that sewing machines can't undertake on our behalf. Especially for delicate work and precise hand sewing, a thimble remains an indispensable tool. In our range, we offer steel thimbles with a nickel surface finish, and you can choose from various sizes. We also provide open-ended thimbles, primarily designed for professionals who require even finer manipulation of needles and threads.




Guiding elastic bands or ribbons through clothing is made easier with the use of eyelets, also known as grommets. These small metal accessories serve as efficient passageways for drawstrings or lacing ribbons, like hood drawstrings or lacing for garments. Our eyelets, available in various sizes and finishes, including options for logo customization, are crafted with brass or steel backings. Additionally, mesh-patterned eyelets are offered, enhancing their versatility.

For the installation of eyelets or grommets, we offer both manual and pneumatic press options, complete with interchangeable pistons. Depending on the material, hole punching might not be necessary when using a pneumatic press. Our comprehensive range of eyelets and other metal accessories can be explored further in our online catalog, providing valuable solutions for your garment manufacturing needs.

Pro koho jsou určeny výrobky kovové galanterie?

Who are the metal accessories products intended for?

KOH-I-NOOR, a manufacturer of metal textile accessories, produces and supplies metal accessories products both in packaging designed for retail sale and in larger packaging suitable for wholesale distribution and manufacturers. Retail packaging includes care symbols, usage instructions, and necessary tools and aids required for product application. Wholesale partners can directly acquire our goods from the wholesale warehouse located within our company premises. End consumers have the option to shop at our retail outlets.

Do you need a few pieces or a whole truck?
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You can shop in person at the warehouse located on the KOH-I-NOOR premises, or you can register on the website www.waldes.cz and after confirming it, you can shop online. After logging in to the wholesale portal, customers buy at wholesale prices.



You can shop in person at the warehouse located on the KOH-I-NOOR premises, or you can register on the website www.waldes.cz and after confirming it, you can shop online. After logging in to the wholesale portal, customers buy at wholesale prices.

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