Notice: Limitation of production during Christmas and New Year holiday

Dear customers and business partners, since 22nd December 2017 till 2nd January 2018 is planned company holiday. Since 2nd January 2018 tilll 8th January 2018 is planned stocktaking. Production and expedition will be stopped. We are sorry for any inconvience this may cause you. Our services will be fully available on Tuesday 9th January 2018 again. Let us use the occasion and wish you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year 2018. Looking forward to next co-operation in 2019.

22th December 2017, last expedition date of the year 2017

Let us inform you, that the last expedition date of the year 2017 becomes Friday 22nd December 2017. After this date the company holidays start followed by inventory stocktaking since January 2018. Expeditions start again since 8th January 2018.

Notice: Limitation of production during summer break

In July 2017 in the period since 24th till 28th (30th week) is planned company holidays. Production will be stopped this week.

We’ve launched a new website!

We’ve launched a new KOH-I-NOOR website. The website structure and design have changed completely, while a lot of information about our products has been added.

Scroll through the new virtual catalogue

We have the honour of notifying you about new virtual KOH-I-NOOR product catalogue which you may view now.