Tailor accessories

trouser and skirt fastenings

How to deal with trouser or skirt fastenings with elegance? If you wish to hide the fastening of clothes, it is suitable to use either pins or tailor accessories such as trouser hooks or skirt hooks. These two-piece metal hooks are sewn onto the pants or skirt instead of buttons, and form a firm connection when clicked together, while the fabric stays unbent and the fastening may thus be hidden discretely. Trouser buckles are used for variable modification of trousers or skit girth.  They are mainly suitable for manufacturing professional clothes and uniforms. We also produce overall buckles, which are metal products suitable for fastening work overalls or so-called “bib-type” jeans.

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We produce tailor accessories from steel; finishings may be selected according to requirements. The most frequent finishing is nickel or black oxide. Our offer also includes trouser hooks with decorative stamping. See the online catalogue for detailed information.


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