Riveting snap fasteners – studs

reliable connection

Riveting snap fasteners are generally known as studs. Thus serves as a  very reliable connection of several parts that are attached (riveted) to the material using hand or pneumatic presses. In some cases, the fabric or material we wish to attach the stud to must be perforated first. If you use a pneumatic press for riveting, perforation is not always necessary. Riveting snap fasteners (studs) are mainly manufactured from brass, so they can be used on regularly washed clothes. Riveting buttons made from steel are used for leather, artificial leather, or cardboard products.  You may select riveting snap fasteners in various surface finishing and sizes. Upon request by the customer, they may be supplied with a company logo or customized engraving.

We offer the following riveting snap fasteners – studs

Riveting snap fasteners (studs) are used for connecting fabrics, terry cloths, knitwear, leather or canvas of various thickness and strength. They can also be used to connect fabrics with solid materials (wood, cardboard, or plastic) or to connect more than 2 parts of the material in a single point. Watertight studs WUK are suitable for protecting work clothes for water resource officers, soldiers, or policemen. They are especially suitable for products made from water resistant materials, e.g. GORE-TEX. View our online catalogue to view details about riveting fasteners.


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