Safety pins

safe fastening

If you say safety pin, everybody knows what it is. No matter how you call this small, discreet thing,
KOH-I-NOOR offers different variants of safety pins as to the shape and size, while our offer also includes children’s safety pins with casing and safety system of opening that might be supplied with print. This system guarantees that the needle of the pin is secured against undesired opening. They are particularly suitable for use by children, athletes, or seniors.

Golden safety pins are made from brass, thus they are certainly rustproof. They are mainly suitable for long-term use on clothes. To attach breast pins or other accessories on clothes or furnishing fabrics. The stainless steel safety pin is made from stainless steel and brass. It is mainly used in locations with high concentration of chemical substances. E.g. in dry-cleaning, it is used for fastening clothes or their parts.  Specially curved safety pins are an indispensable aid for patchwork lovers, or serve as a suitable means for securing bandages and scarves.

We offer the following safety pins

Although it might seem that the safety pin is just one, it is not true. At our company, you may select from many sizes, finishings, (what about to try colour safety pins?) or shapes of safety pins – we also sell special curved safety pins and stainless-steel safety pins. See the online catalogue for detailed information.


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