Small metal goods

discrete small things

We may supply your production of clothes with our small metal haberdashery products. We will also deliver such a small items like suspenders with ribbons, bikini clasps, tie fittings or hair clips and pins. You can easily supply your goods with hanging price tags using our split pins.  In metal haberdashery, we offer a wide range of products and we are an ideal partner for every manufacturer of clothes and fashion accessories

We offer the following small metal goods

  • Suspenders with ribbons - suspenders with ribbons are an essential part of ladies’ suspenders. A garter holder is a metal component supplied with a ribbon in any popular colour.
  • Bikini clasps CAVALIER - a bikini clasps are supplied either on cards or bulk in boxes.
  • Tie fittings - tie fittings are designed for attaching bows or ties; we supply tie fittings bulk in boxes of 1000 pieces.
  • Men suspenders - not know about men’s suspenders? Be sure that they exist, and these small metal items are designed just for them. Components for men’s suspenders are supplied bulk in boxes.
  • Hair pins – VIOLA - hair pins and braces are designed for holding hair and forming various hairstyles. Hair braces are supplied in several variants and various packages.
  • Split pins - Split pins are used for hanging price tags on clothes, however you can use these essential parts in many other situations. Split pins are supplied in boxes of 1000 or 5000 pieces.

Bow and tie attachments, fastening of ladies’ swimsuits or suspenders, and/or metal hair clips? See the online catalogue for detailed information on all small metal products included in your offer.


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