Industrial products – metal components, grips, clasps

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Looking for a partner to supply products exactly according to your specification? KOH-I-NOOR not only offers flexible production of small industrial products, but also collaboration in the area of product development, innovations, and modernization of production processes.  KOH-I-NOOR offers a complex solution for producing small industrial products. Our design department is capable of putting together complex drawing documentation of productions well as products.  As part of our tool shop and mechanical engineering, we arrange both production of new production means and subsequent operability of production means for the duration of the project

  • Thanks to our own technical know-how, we are able to provide also production transfers from other production capacities.
  • Thanks to the wide base of production technologies we have available, we are able to carry out most production operations at our own expense, including many surface finishes, which is a great competitive advantage, since minimizes secondary cost.
  • All production is carried out according to Quality Management System regulations under ISO 9001:2009.
  • As part of the production of parts for industrial processing and the automotive industry, we apply selected requirements of the Quality Management System under ISO TS 16949:2009.

What kind of technologies do we have available?  See the catalogue of available technologies

  • Moulded sheet metal products - we manufacture products from iron, brass, stainless steel, or aluminium plates of various widths, thickness 0.25 – 1.5 mm.
  • Small metal wire products – we manufacture products from iron, brass, stainless steel, or aluminium plates of various strength, diameter 1 – 5 mm
  • Zamak products – we offer various products from zinc alloys. Products feature high accuracy, strength, and long service life, incl. rust resistance
  • Plastic products – we offer a range of products from thermoplastic materials using “injection” technology. Products feature high accuracy, minimum weight, and long service life, incl. rust resistance.
  • Surface finishing – we provide bulk supplies with various finishings of products from different materials. E.g. nickel coating, galvanizing, passivation, copper coating, brass coating, lacquering, burning, phosphate coating, dipping, degreasing. In addition, we offer thermal processing of steel products in the protective atmosphere furnace, with the subsequent option of annealing in a resin base. See more on page Surface finishing.

Industrial products from KOH-I-NOOR production

Looking for a partner to supply pigeon needles, wick holders, axises, or other products? You can find various sizes of pigeon needles from our selection. For wreath producers, we offer wreath clamps – straight or curled. In addition, we produce wick holders, steel cable end, and axises. For saddle cover producers, we supply saddle braces fixing the cover to the saddle.

KOH-I-NOOR – a manufacturer of metal textile haberdashery – supplies products in packages designed for retail sales and also in larger packages suitable for wholesale and producers.  Wholesale partners may purchase our goods directly from the sales warehouse located at our company premises. 

What kind of industrial KOH-I-NOOR production products do we offer? See the catalogue