Connecting materials

rivets, clamps, seals

Are you a paper producer and looking for a partner to supply metal connecting rivets, nails, or other metal components? KOH-I-NOOR offers flexible metal components production for the paper industry and beyond.

Our selection includes wide range of drawn, coiled, or forged rivets. For the production of filing trays, we supply open and closed rivets; for the production of folders or other cardboard products, we supply self-penetrating rivets with coating. Rivets supplied by our company can be used on IML, HANG, or KUGLER machines.

We also produce back (finger) rings and RADO rings for manufacturers of filing trays, covering corners and corner covers for manufacturers of paper boxes, suitcases, and other cardboard products.  For leather goods manufacturers and saddle makers, we supply two-piece rivets in several sizes. These rivets may also be used for less accessible joins of two materials. Thanks to our technical know-how, we are able to produce almost any rivet or metal component. Other connecting materials are represented by forged IXA nails designed for hard masonry, various types of spindles and protection pins, canvas parts, or connecting parts QUICK for A/C manufacturers.

Connecting materials not only for the paper industry

In addition to metal components for the paper industry, we also manufacture a wide range of textile haberdashery products, components for the automotive industry, and other industrial products, the specific tailor-made appearance of which, we are able to modify according to the client’s wishes..

KOH-I-NOOR will provide the production and the service machines.

KOH-I-NOOR, a manufacturer of textile haberdashery, disposes of its own designing department capable of designing and drawing up moulds and tools for various types of products from different materials. Design activities are performed by the tool shop and mechanical engineering divisions. The company is not only able to produce these moulds and tools in these divisions but also provide maintenance and service of these.   As part of these services, the company provides complex maintenance and serviceability of tools.  As part of the maximum quality assurance, KOH-I-NOOR performs and provides control activities within both, the production stage of tools and moulds and serial production.  The company disposes of the necessary certificates and attests for these control activities.