Straight pins

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Pinning on clothes is a necessary step for accurate sewing and cannot be avoided even by large clothing companies. For these purposes, it is possible to use our traditional straight pins made from steel, hard steel, or brass, or straight pins with glass or plastic heads. Straight pins may also be used in other operations, e.g. for wreaths, decoration of shop windows and bulletin boards, or for popular patchwork.

Brass pins are subsequently suitable for household works such as crocheting and braiding. We guarantee 100% rust-free service life for these brass pins. Hardened pins are suitable for textile production. They are very thin and thanks to this do not leave almost any punch marks. Pins with glass heads are an excellent aid for every tailor, they are greatly visible and can be left on the clothes even during ironing. On the contrary, pins with plastic heads must be removed before ironing.

We offer the following straight pins

Straight pins may be supplied with various finishings, most frequently nickel and black lacquer, and polished brass. You may also select from the large number of lengths and thicknesses, as well as pins with various head sizes. If you choose pins with glass heads, you may select packaging with a mixture of colour shades, or yellow or white only. Pins with plastic heads are subsequently supplied with various finishes of heads – pearl, natural shine or neon, packages with the mixture of various colour shades. See the online catalogue for detailed information.


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