Grommets - Eyelets

for ribbons and elastics

Points, where an elastic or ribbon is to pass through the clothes, should be provided with the so-called grommets (eyelets). It is then easy to interlace elastics for instance to tighten the hood or a lacing ribbon. We manufacture grommets with washers with brass or steel, we also offer eyelets with grid. You may use grommets also as a support for ventilation holes in the clothes.

We offer the following eyelets

You may select eyelets in various surface finishing and sizes. As requested by the customer, they may be supplied with a company logo or customized engraving. For eyelets riveting, we offer hand and pneumatic presses with replaceable pistons. We suggest penetrating the material first; with respect to the material, it is not always necessary, if a pneumatic press is used. See the online catalogue for detailed information on the sleeves and other metal haberdashery products.


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