Plastic fasteners

durable and safety zipper

Zipper – banal thing, the existence of which we realize when it stops to perform its duty. At KOH-I-NOOR, we take care so you wouldn’t have to pay attention to our zippers at all. Genius invention of the zipper consists of three pieces – slider and two toothed strips. They join together and form a very strong connection of two pieces of fabric. One major advantage of plastic fasteners is their low weight.  Hence they are suitable for wide range of materials from fine knitwear up to canvases for tents.

Thanks to their long service life, plastic fasteners are mainly used in manufacturing of work clothes, outdoor clothes, household furnishings, and other textile products.  We also supply plastic fasteners in interchangeable versions, which means in practice that zippers always have an exact number of teeth and different parts from various production batches can be combined arbitrarily, ensuring trouble free fastening. These fasteners are suitable in manufacturing tents, mattresses, inserts in jackets and coats, and other textile and clothing products. Plastic zippers are often called bone zippers.

We offer the following plastic zippers

Plastic zippers do not vary only in terms of their size, but also in terms of other features. You may thus select safety fasteners, non-flammable fasteners, or interchangeable fasteners, by which you can join two identical type zippers and connect for example two mattresses or sleeping bags. You may choose the colour of the zipper – the colour of the teeth and the colour of the ribbon. See the online catalogue for detailed information.


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