Metal fasteners

ideal zippers for jeans

Metal zippers are the oldest zipper type ever, they are still very popular all over the world. They are produced in a wide range of tooth sizes. They are mainly used on denim products – jeans. For these products, we supply short metal zippers with a special slider and lock. They are also applied in leather products as metal zip fasteners with old-brass finishings. Our offer also includes wide metal zippers suitable for rigid textiles, leather, or as a zipper for heavy duty clothes such as sets for bikers.

Metal zippers – how to choose?

  • I want a fastener for fine clothes – select zippers with a small width of cells MS 4, MS 5
  • I want a zip fastener for my jacket or coat – select zippers with a medium width of cells MS 6
  • I want a zip fastener for purses or shoes – select zippers with a large width of cells MS 7, MS 8

Select the zip ribbon colour from our colour card; the zipper cell colour may be provided in various finishings, most frequently as brass, old-brass, or nickel. See the online catalogue for detail information on zipper sizes and which zip sliders to choose


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