Hooks and loops – Velcro zipper

Velcro zippers of all types

Its official name is a “ribbon closure”, but everybody calls it a Velcro zipper. Hair and hook join together perfectly and form a simple and very popular method of fastening shoes, clothes, and other products. At KOH-I-NOOR, you may also select a special elastic Velcro zipper, double-sided Velcro zipper, or self-adhesive Velcro zipper. We also supply Velcro zippers with reduced flammability or universal closures for every type of use.

Take a look at the hooks and loops (Velcro zippers) in our catalogue

The Velcro zipper colour can be chosen from our colour card. Various lengths, widths, and shapes of ribbon closures may be cut as requested by the customer. Standard packing includes either winding 25 m or a bag with 50 pieces of complete 20 cm cuts of Velcro zipper in various colours. For detailed information, see the online catalogue with all types of Velcro zippers KOH-I-NOOR, whether you are looking for a self-adhesive Velcro zipper, double-sided Velcro zipper, or stick-on Velcro zipper


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