Jeans buttons and rivets

buttons for jeans and pants

Jeans buttons and rivets are used for trousers, in particular for the manufacturing of jeans. When it comes to rivets, it  partially forms a decorative component of jeans with two parts – one (tip) is placed on the bottom side of the fabric, and the other (top) above it, which forms  a strong connection for example at the edge of trousers pockets, etc. Jeans buttons serve as traditional fastening of trousers, where the bottom piece (tip) penetrates the fabric and the upper piece is then inserted on the tip.

We offer the following jeans buttons

All sizes of jeans buttons and rivets may be decorated with an engraving. Engraving can be selected from the catalogue or made exactly as per the customer’s request. Jeans buttons and rivets are manufactured in various finishes; when it comes to non-removable buttons, you may also select a button type with swinging top piece for easier fastening. Hand or pneumatic presses are used to apply jeans buttons and trouser rivets. See the online catalogue for detailed information.


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