Detachable and unremovable buttons

for light and heavy fabrics

Detachable and unremovable buttons comprise two or more parts and we are able to produce them with various finishes and engravings according to the catalogue or as per the customer’s request. However they do differ in terms of usage – while detachable buttons are suitable for work and sports clothes or bed clothes, unremovable buttons CORSO are mainly used for fastening heavy materials, such as leather, artificial leather or canvas.

We offer the following buttons

Unremovable buttons CORSO are attached to the fabric by rivets. It is very a strong connection suitable for rigid and heavy materials and mainly pneumatic presses are used to apply those buttons into fabric. Detachable buttons are attached with bottom parts – “tips”, whereby parts can be removed and connected again. We produce them in various finishes, and their upper part may be decorated with an engraving as requested or according to the catalogue. See the online catalogue for detailed information.


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