Rivets and accessories for the paper industry

You may know them rather as hobs. Rivets can be used to produce a range of products; in the paper industry, they are used for fixing mechanics, clamps, and other components to solid boards.  They are widely applied in cardboard production – paper boxes, suitcases, or filing trays. Back rings and oval (RADO) rings are used to produce office filing trays. Canvas parts may by widely applied to produce a variety of technical products from textile materials.

What kind of rivets can you find in our offer?

  • Drawned rivets – open and closed rivets for riveting various products, e.g. paper filing trays, folders, haberdashery products, etc.
  • Rivets drawn with coating – rivets with heads. Suitable for decorative joints of different materials, to produce office folders, filing trays, and other products.
  • Dravned rivets double – suitable for riveting of less accessible points. Easy assembly not requiring any special fixtures
  • Coiled rivets – suitable for riveting solid joints with a simple assembly
  • Forged rivets – suitable for riveting solid joints  They often serve as a pin in sliding joints or as a locking pin.
  • Canvas parts – serve as eyelets for cords on thicker and stronger materials such as canvas, artificial leather, leather, and  other technical textiles.
  • Back and oval rings – rings are used to produce office filing trays.    Back rings serve as an opening for easier filing tray handling. Oval (RADO) rings then lock the upper board to the mechanics.   


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