Grips, clasps, seals

In need of metal clamps for your products?  Looking for seals for poultry tagging, or clips for dry cleaning plants to fix clothes to a hanger? You can find all these small metal products at KOH-I-NOOR. We offer specialized metal components which can be used almost in any industry.

What kind of seals, grips, and clasps do we offer? Take a look at the online catalogue

  • AL grips – for closing smoked products, cheese, etc on special machines
  • Poultry seals – for tagging poultry, seals are supplied also with engraved numbers
  • Baga seals – two sizes of steel seals for closing bags
  • Record seals – these circular seals are used for sealing bags, parcels, etc.
  • Clips for dry cleaners – for fixing clothes to hangers 

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