Pressure Casting of Zinc Alloys

We use pressure casting of zinc alloys technology both in the manufacture of our own products and for made to order components for the automotive and furniture industries.

In this way we make, for example, sliders for zip fasteners, various types of zip pendants, bikini clasps, small items for the automotive industry, QUICK connecting parts for air-conditioning equipment and furniture fittings.

Die-casting of zinc alloys is a process allowing the manufacture of castings of intricate shapes with smooth surfaces and very precise dimensions. The surface of a casting can be plated galvanically or chemically.

We have injection moulding machines with a maximum injection volume of 5 cm3. The material used for injection moulding is Zamak – an alloy of zinc, aluminium and copper. The zinc content in the alloy is 95 per cent.

The castings are worked both manually and by machine. They can be ground and, if required, cut and tumbled in vibrating drum machines. Finishing treatments include polishing, varnishing or metal coating. If required, we will complete and assemble products composed of more parts.