Brass Dipping, Zinc Plating and Other Types of Surface finishing

Most of our products manufactured for the textile industry require the implementation of various forms of surface treatment or engravings. We dispose of the relevant technologies and will be happy to process your order, too. Inform us of your requirements and the exact dimensions of the product you need to be processed and we shall send you our quotation by return of post.

The following technologies are available for bulk surface treatment of small steel, brass, copper and Zamak (a zinc alloy) items:

  • tumbling
  • brass dipping
  • alkali and acid zinc plating (with subsequent treatments: chromium treatment, thick layer passivation, sealing)
  • patina coating
  • phosphate coating

Other Galvanic Surface Finishing for Bulk Metal Coating:

  • nickel plating – nickel, black nickel
  • cyanide brass and copper plating
  • zinc plating – blue chromate treatment, passivation
  • patinated surfaces – patinated copper, patinated brass, antique-finish nickel 


  • bulk varnishing with epoxy varnishes

Degreasing, polishing and tumbling:

  • bulk degreasing of iron, brass and stainless steel materials in bells or TURBOFIN devices
  • polishing with stainless steel beads and other additives