Security zipper can save your life

Zipper is equipped with the safety and the upper stop. The safety stop is located o­n the left of the zipper and is used to secure the slider against eject during normal use. The upper stop is located a bit above o­n the right side of the zipper, and is used to secure the slider against eject when it is rapid opened.

Application: work clothes (firemen, rescue workers, police, army, ...), clothing for motorcyclists, sportswear, clothing for the handicapped. Also parents and children appreciate security fasteners thanks to easy method of opening. Security zippers are available in fireproof variant, with reflective elements, in various colours of ribbons and teeth. Available in two sizes: 6 mm suitable for light clothes (jackets, sweatshirts,…) and 8 mm – suitable for havier clothes (workwear,…)

For more information and orders please contact our sales department at,
tel.: +420 296 525 312. Security fasteners correspond to Czech Standard. Data sheet o­n request from the manufacturer.