Innovation of retail cards

Dear customers,

We launched sales of an innovated retail package of press fasteners on 1st January 2015. The main change involves modernization of riveting components. Each retail package now contains a riveting clamp as well as the necessary plastic or metal riveting components. Individual riveting components are labelled exactly according to the application manual which is placed on the reverse side of the card. Individual riveting components may also be used for riveting of products using snap pliers which we have recently added to our offer along with punch pliers.

Using snap pliers is suitable when applying products to parts of clothes which are difficult to access or in case of frequent using. A basic set of punching components has also been included in the package. In contrast, the newly presented punch pliers have a wider offer of pierced sizes.

As part of this change we have also carried out modernization of the design of retail cards; the front side of the card contains information about the sizes of the specific product, a recommendation stating what kind of fabric the product is suitable for, what material it is made of or whether snap pliers may be used for application.

The reverse side of the retail cards now contains a more intuitive manual for product application along with the exact determination of riveting components for individual package parts.

Application videos related to the individual kinds of products may be played through a QR code which is placed by the manual on the reverse side of the card.

As part of the changes mentioned above, there has been a change to certain packages concerning the amount of pieces in a package. These are the packages of press fasteners for thick material AUTO-MOTO and press fasteners for middle material WUK where a standard package is now 10 pcs/card.

The last innovation is a newly applied special lock-up system which allows for the package to be closed after the first use which prevents common spilling and losing unused products during storage. The environmentally-friendly material with full recyclability certification is now being used to print the retail cards.